Attacking Anxiety & Depression

The Most Effective Drug-Free Anxiety and Depression Program

The Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program

15 Audio Lessons

1. Introduction2. Panic Attacks 3. Self Talk 4. Expectations 5. Diet & Exercise
6. Anger Control 7. Assertiveness 8. What If Thinking 9. Guilt & Worry 10. Scary Thoughts
11. Medication & Alcohol 12. Change 13. Time Management 14. Stress Management 15. Set-Backs


Your weekly progress continues with personalized guidebooks. Detailed self-evaluations, interactive core skill building exercises and topical information to personalize your care.

Personal Coaching Session

Our coaches have successfully completed the program by applying the concepts in their own lives. Just a phone call away, they are here to provide you with the encouragement, guidance and support you need to succeed.

Carry Along Cards

Reinforce the skills you learn each week, no matter where you are. Each card reminds you of a key point from a session in the program. It’s a powerful resource that reminds you what you have learned and how far you have come.

Plus 3 Free Gifts

Receive 3 amazing free gifts: the acclaimed Relaxation CD, to help you continue your journey towards peace; I Will Be There For You CD that provides tips for the supportive people in your life; and Feel Better Fast CD, which will help you quickly identify and diffuse hidden stressors.