Helping Millions Overcome Stress and Depression

Our Company…

The Stresscenter.com is the leading provider of self-care, nutritional supplements and personal coaching for people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and depression.No organization in the world has done more in educational outreach, hope & help for the estimated 60-million Americans struggling with debilitating stress, anxiety and depression. The Stresscenter.com approach to overcoming anxiety and related disorders is based on the most researched, successful & lasting approach to recovery from these emotional problems, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Simplified, CBT is a therapeutic approach based on the premise that our feelings are governed by our thoughts; that our own thinking, beliefs and internal dialogue ultimately determine our feelings and behaviors.

Our Founders

Lucinda Bassett

Lucinda Bassett is a sought-after motivational speaker and best-selling author of From Panic to Power, Life Without Limits, and The Solution. Her groundbreaking life management techniques have been shared with a host of fortune 500 companies as well as professional associations, including McDonalds, Chrysler, AT&T, the LPGA, and The AIDS Foundation. She has appeared on hundreds of local and national radio and television programs including Oprah, The View, Regis, Reverend Schuler’s Hour of Power and many more. She has been featured in such magazines as Prevention, Cosmopolitan, Family Circle and Psychology Today.

Phil Fisher, M.D.

Philip H. Fisher, M.D., is the Medical Director & co-founder of the Stresscenter.com. Dr. Fisher has been working with anxiety & panic both with the Stresscenter.com & in private practice since 1981. A medical practitioner with undergraduate study in psychology, Dr. Fisher has helped thousands of individuals recover from acute anxiety. He is on staff at Toledo Hospital, Riverside Hospital & Flower Hospital.
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